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Frequently asked questions by our users...

Get The Software (2)

Get the latest version of VMix Streaming Software

Hardware (2)

Adding Cameras, mixers and such.

Licensing (1)

Do I need a license to broadcast my streams?

Simulcasting (3)

Streaming to multiple platforms like Facebook, Youtube or other

System Requirements (2)

Will my computer handle video streaming?

Trouble Shooting (4)

Tackling basic problems that could be encountered while streaming

Videos (2)

Uploads and Downloads

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 I'm not sure if my computer can handle the live stream requirements. How do I find out?

We have found that most computer systems will handle the live stream enviroment.  As long as you...

 VMix Software

You can download the latest version of VMix here: DOWNLOAD IT's FREE!  You will be downloading...

 What equipment do I need?

Simple to elaborate.  It all depends on your budget! We recommend: a computer with at least 4...

 Set up Simulcast in VMix (Video)

One of the easiest ways to teach you how to set up VMix for simulcast, is to show you the video...

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